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Overview – Blended Ongoing Learning

Train with our specialized teachers in Neuroscience applied to personal and business development and get your membership.

Certify yourself as a Neuro-Trainer and stand out in the market by supporting your work in the discoveries about the brain.

Which are the advantages of being a member?

  • Neuro Trainer Certification
  • Membership accreditation with a label and membership certificate.
  • Multimedia support for your workshops and sessions
  • Onsite training
  • Marketing Tools
  • Mentoring & Professional Community

What will I learn?

Quarterly you will receive three complete workshops on neuroscience applied to one of these four areas:

Personal development ( Change management, personality development, management of emotions and thoughts).
Business– (Leadership, achievement of goals and objectives, communication and team management, marketing).
Wellbeeing- ( High performance, nutrition, mindfulness, time management).
Learning – (“Attention, concentration, memorization techniques and optimization of training courses)
You will also get tips and tools for quick implementation in your courses and coaching or consulting sessions:
You will take with each Topic invaluable techniques and tools to apply to your life or business.
Every three months you will receive Advice and Neuro Marketing Strategies to position yourself in the market.

Which requirements do I have to meet, to become a member?

If you are dedicated to personal or professional development, you are passionate about knowledge, about how the human mind works, you love to learn and you want to be at the forefront…
Congratulations: You are one of us!

The members of ANE International are professionals in some of these areas:s:

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Psychology
  • Therapy
  • HHRR Management

Who will be my mentor and Neurotrainer?

Tibisay Vera

Tibisay Vera

Director de ANE International en United Kingdom.

Management Consultant, Coach and Applied Neuroscience Trainer. Master in Clinical Neuroscience. More than 20 years of experience in the areas of corporate finance, change management, coaching, training, leadership development and personal development. Her closeness, thoroughness and rigour stand out.

What else do I need to know?

Our contents are elaborated in Germany and the topics are selected by a hundred percent advisory committee. Among the advisors to this committee are such figures as Eric Kandel (Nobel Prize for Science in 2000) and Gerhard Roth (Eminent German scientist). In addition, the selection of content is taken from reliable sources such as Harvard University, USA or the Max Planc Institute, Munich.

Media library

  • Access to 12 annual Themes (Videos, Audiobooks, PPT Presentations, Illustrated Documentation, eBooks, Abstracts)
  • Dynamics and Application Tools
  • Neurotraining 


  • Autoevaluation
  • Label & Logo as Member
  • Certification: Certified Neuro Trainer


  • Successful neuro-strategies
  • Neurocommunity of professionals

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