Our Team.

ANE International Team of Neurotrainer’s Managers


Our Team

Our Team of Neurotrainer’s Managers:

Get to know our neuroscience trainers who are continually updating their knowledge to provide you with the Concepts and knowledge in a simple, rigorous, funny and highly professional way.

Tibisay Vera

Director of ANE International in the United Kingdom

Management Consultant, Coach and Applied Neuroscience Trainer. Master in Clinical Neuroscience. More than 20 years of experience in the areas of corporate finance, change management, coaching, training, leadership development and personal development. Her closeness, thoroughness and rigour stand out.


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Originally from Venezuela, Tibisay has been working in the UK for more than 15 years.

She holds an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a diploma in Neuroeconomics: How the brain makes decisions. Additionally, she is certified and trainer in the profiling tool PRISM Brain Mapping, NLP Master Practitioner and certified in Mindfulness MBRS. Member of British Neuroscience Association (BNA), Association of Coaching and member Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

She is the founder of Sparkling Performance, a consulting and executive coaching firm, which is at the vanguard of using latest brain research and applied neuroscience to help individuals and organizations to drive high performance, personal development and to enhance wellbeing.

Tibisay works with executives, leaders and people from different walk of life during times of changes, transitions and learning.

Nieves Pérez

CEO – General Manager of ANE International.

Coach, speaker, trainer and a tireless researcherin in the field of personal development. Master in Cognitive Neurosciences and specialized in the application of Neuroscience to business and personal growth since more than 10 years. Her authenticity, pedagogical capacity, and rigour stand out.

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Of Spanish origin, her curiosity for other cultures and for the human being would take her on the way to London (United Kingdom) in 2001 and to Bremen (Germany) in 2003, where she would begin her career as a teacher, personal trainer, coach and some years later as a speaker.

Some of her most outstanding studies are: Master in Cognitive Neurosciences for Companies, German Official Certification in Body – Whole Therapies, Quantum Healing, ICF Coaching Certification, Therapeutic Hypnosis Techniques according to M. Erikson and Mental Training

She is the founder of the concept of “Coaching and health!” Salud bewusst (Health with Science) in Bremen.  From 2012 to 2016 she leads the expansion Project of ANE´s international consortium and was directing ANE S.L in Spain – one of the subsidiary companies of TS Holding.

From 2016 to 2017, she directed with Torsten Seelbach the TS Holding International Consortium of Neuroscience.

She is currently the creator and General Manager of ANE International.

Sergio Almeida

Coolaborator of ANE International in Portugal

Entrepreneur, trainer, coach, applied neuroscience trainer.

Specially dedicated to the field of High Executive Performance. It stands out for its experience, understanding, adaptation and performance in the implementation of team management models and tools.

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CEO and founder of Powercoaching Group, general director of ICU International Coaching University of Portugal and CPLP, founder of the “Executive High Performance Center” and the “POWER method”, chair of the board of the former Rotary Club – District 1970.

He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from FEUP – University of Porto, he´s an international expert in leadership, distribution and strategy, manager of several companies, author and columnist in financial publications.

In addition to that, Sergio Almeida is the former vice president of AECA – Association of Companies of Arouca and director of the CEDV – Business Council of the North of Portugal.

Héctor Puche

Coolaborator of ANE International in Latin America

Coach, speaker, applied neuroscience trainer. Facilitator of processes of change in human consciousness and evolution. His experience and long research career in relation to personal growth, as well as the thoroughness and detail of his work, stand out.

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Héctor was born in Colombia. In 2001 he travelled to Spain for education purposes and he´s been living in Madrid since then. He graded as a Social Communicator and journalism with an emphasis on audiovisual media management.

He´s got a Master in Audiovisual and Multimedia Management and also postgraduate in International sales.

After directing several entertainment companies in Madrid, he created the Foundation Budhi based in Colombia and Spain.

Creator of the social development Project for indigenous Beamazon, with more than 8,000 hours of study in quantum physics, sociology, theology, philosophy, ontological coaching,

Héctor is the creator of the PETT certification (Transpersonal Therapeutic Efficiency Program) to be an Expert in Transpersonal Harmony and Consciousness Development.

Autor of the Book: “El Viaje del Elefante”. (The Elephant´s Trip)

Fco. Javier Galán

Coolaborator ANE International in Latin America

International conference. Applied Neuroscience Trainer. Specialized in the area of sales and applications that help people develop their full mental potential and improve their professional skills. His oratory capacity, his professionalism and closeness stand out.

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Javier´s got more than 20 years experience as Coach, trainer, international speaker and writer. Consultant of several companies, many of them multinationals and International Lecturer. He also writes articles, provides training to a range of roles within a company, from presidency and management positions to the rest of the roles, both in Spain and Latin America.

Javier´s got a degree in Business Management and Marketing by ESIC, Analyst econ. Financial by ESITE, Graduate in Effective Communication, Human Relations and Effective Sales by FDC, Master in Limited Time.

Psychotherapy from the European Institute (IEPTL). Psychotherapist, Diploma in Coaching by Tavistock School (London), Certificate in Family and Organizational Constellations, Bert Hellinger Institute, Secretary General of the Association of Enneagram Consultants (AHCE). Certified in Firewalking by the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, Member of AECOP (Spanish Association of Coaching and Process Consulting), Member of International Coach Federation ICF, CTA Certified Coach.

Author of the book INTELLIGENT COACHING: Method A.C.C.I.O.N. (Editorial ESIC)

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