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Building a bridge between science, business and personal development.

Overview – Our Team and scientific support


The progress made in the field of brain research over the past decade has outpaced that of most other scientific disciplines.

And these discoveries not only contribute to curing diseases, but they are also a revolution in the fields of personal development, continuing education, company leadership, marketing, communication and many other areas.

Our top priority is making this knowledge useful for companies and organizations.



Many companies are already talking about promoting and optimising training in organisations, because knowledge is a treasure that increases when it is shared.

But while it is true that more and more companies are aware of this, the most important and innovative concepts about the human mind have not yet been integrated.

The adventure towards the new paradigm has just begun.

Rigorous sources

When researching neuroscientific findings, we place a high priority on recognized facts and results. We rely on sources like research institutes, universities, publications, scientific papers, textbooks, journals, lectures, symposia and reports.

Our contents are supervised from renowned Scientis divulgaciones, libros, revistas y artículos de renombrados científicos de nuestros tiempos.

Multimedia formats

To impart knowledge and implement it in a sustainable way always depends on the extent to which we adapt to the different ways of learning of each person, as well as the methods chosen and the environment in which we are at the time of learning.

To facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, both from our members and their clients, all our concepts and workshops are developed in multimedia formats.

 Manager´s Team and Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

Our materials are developed, endorsed and supervised by a team of leading neuroscience experts and researchers.

Our Team of Neurotrainer´s Managers

Our Team of Neurotrainer´s Managers

Come and meet our international team of applied neuroscience managers and trainers.

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