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Ciudad de Santa Maria da Feira, EUROPARQUE- Oporto

Neuroscience and the humanization in organizations

Eric Kandel comes back to Europe together with ANE International.

The famous Hospital of San Sebastián in Oporto, Portugal, celebrates its anniversary with the Conference “The Future of Healthcare” with the aim of promoting discussion and debate on the humanization of organizations in the digital age, combining panel of discussions with guests of National and International renowned and training workshops on current issues and great innovation.


Neuroscience will be at the heart of the conference and will be the highlight of the program, as the future of health and the creation of more efficient and happy teams in large institutions and organizations depends very much on the support from latest research in the field of neuroscience.


The program of the conference will help building a dynamic shared by all those who are interested in the future of health, the promotion of knowledge and science. 
We will enjoy a day full of knowledge, as well as an interesting opportunity to network among the attendees and speakers from different countries. 


ANE International collaborates in this event as a Partner of the Hospital of San Sebastián contributing a significant part of the program and making a bridge between science and organizations through speakers such as Sergio Almeida, Tibisay Vera, Nieves Pérez and the eminent and renowned scientist Nobel laureate: Prof. Dr. Eric Kandel.




Holiday Inn Kensington – Powell Room // 97 Cromwell Road London SW7 4DN, London.

The Neuroscience of Happiness & Wellbeing

Learn about the creator of your happiness, your brain. Get into the biochemistry that makes us feel good and take away the real keys to change, according to neuroscience.

This new concept will allow you to create and modify your thoughts and behaviors to achieve all your goals.

If you are a coach, trainer or personal consultant you will receive knowledge and tools that will also allow you to apply the latest neuroscientific discoveries in your coaching processes, consulting sessions and trainings.

  • HEALTH? POWER? MONEY? LOVE? What makes a human being happy?

  • Can happiness be trained?

  • Do you want to know the secrets of successfully happy people?

  • How can organisations benefits from this research? 

  • A science of happiness, anticipation or pleasure? 

    In this fascinating Neuroworkshop we will give answers to these and many other questions.

You will gain a broad understanding and get invaluable advice on how to achieve your goals and objectives and how to support your customers with such knowledge.

You will also take tools for applying the topic to your workshops and coaching sessions.


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