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Holiday Inn Kensington – Powell Room // 97 Cromwell Road London SW7 4DN, London.

Our brain: A Miracle of the Evolution

Applied Neuroscience for Coaches and Consultants.

¿Do you know the revolutionary impact that the neuroscience is having on business?

No other science in recent years has transformed our paradigm on coaching, leadership, communication, personal development and many other fields, as it has been the discoveries of cognitive and clinical neuroscience.

We will present you impressive discoveries of how from the neuroscience perspective Coaching and Training topics can be created in areas such as leadership. personal development and wellbeing, so that they have a greater and lasting impact.

We will be covering topics such as:

  • The learning process
  • Synaptic plasticity
  • Stress Management
  • The Brain Reward System
  • All involved with Practical applications 

You will take

  • Valuable Keys to the most innovative topics in the field of personal development and professional success.
  • Powerful tools of great application for both you and your customers.

We will also inform you on how to take advantage of science to stand out as a professional endorsed by our academy.


Tibisay Vera

Director of ANE International in UK
Mentor Coach & Training Manager in Sparkling. Trainer in applied Neuroscience. Facilitator of Coaching, Consulting and Neuroscience processes

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