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Training in Applied Neuroscience.

 By Tibisay Vera – Director and Neuro Trainer´s Trainer of ANE International

WHEN: Start on 8th of March 2023 from 16:00 to 18:00

Pillars of Neuroscience for Coaches and Consultants

Online Certification
8th March 2023

This online certification has been specifically designed to provide coaches, consultants and HR Managers grounded knowledge and tools to applied and incorporate latest brain research in their practise.

You will learn how the brain works and the neurobiology of everyday life but most importantly how to apply latest brain research to personal and organisational development, leadership development, coaching, L&D, well-being and health.

***This is the 12th time, the Academy of Neuroscience will be running this certification in partnership with Sparkling Performance, after having trained more than 800 consultants worldwide.

The certification will be delivered in a format of 4 interactives webinars and it will be limited to 15 participants to allow for group discussion and analysis.


• The neurobiology of every day life applied to personal and organisational development

• The brain reward system and its practical applications to change management, coaching and organisational design

• Implementation of brain friendly practises to facilitate change

• Stress Management and the resilient brain: A neuro-perspective

• The brain and agile practises

• Focus, engagement and creativity in the brain

• Neuroscience applied to leadership development

• The science behind motivation and emotions

• Main neurotransmitters, peptides and hormones ( dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, acetylcholine, norepinephrine, noradrenaline, testosterone, GABA, Glutamate, Cortisol) and how to optimise and boost them to support your goals.

• Signal transmission and brain plasticity

• Practical tools and frameworks applied to coaching, change management and agile transformations

This certification in Pillars of Neuroscience is part of the neuro-professional online program that the International Academy of Neuroscience and Education ANE offers with the intention to bring and apply neuroscience to coaches, consultants and leaders in organisations. It can be taken on its own ( online certification) or as part of the membership programme.


The certification will be delivered directly by Clinical Neuroscientist and UK Director of the International Academy of Neuroscience and Education, Tibisay Vera.

Tibisay Vera: MSc in Clinical Neuroscience, Master in Business Administration (MBA), Member of the British Neuroscience Association, Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, Founder of Sparkling Performance, Executive Consultant and Coach.

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Last  Neuroevents

3rd International Neurolanguage Conference  

Neuroscience for a Better Ongoing Learning

How to help Learn by optimizing our reward system.

ANE is proud to participate in the 3rd international neurolanguage conference in Lisbon. Tibisay Vera our UK director spoke about “how to help learn ” Stick ” by optimizing our brain’s reward system”.

Neuroscience and the humanization in organizations

Eric Kandel comes back to Europe together with ANE International.

The famous Hospital of San Sebastián in Oporto, Portugal, celebrates its anniversary with the Conference “The Future of Healthcare” with the aim of promoting discussion and debate on the humanization of organizations in the digital age, combining panel of discussions with guests of National and International renowned and training workshops on current issues and great innovation.

Neuroscience will be at the heart of the conference and will be the highlight of the program, as the future of health and the creation of more efficient and happy teams in large institutions and organizations depends very much on the support from latest research in the field of neuroscience.

ANE International collaborates in this event as a Partner of the Hospital of San Sebastián contributing a significant part of the program and making a bridge between science and organizations through speakers such as Sergio Almeida, Tibisay Vera, Nieves Pérez and the eminent and renowned scientist Nobel laureate: Prof. Dr. Eric Kandel.

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