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Train your mind, manage your thoughts and teach your clients to understand their own brain to achieve a more conscious, healthy, successful and happy life.

Neuroscience applied to coaching and personal and professional development


Online course

Create your own brain workshop

Choose one of our thematic online courses and implement fantastic knowledge and practical tools in your courses or individual sessions.

***Includes multimedia material and editable presentations.

Online Neuro Specializations


Online course

Get certified in one of these 4 application areas: Neuroempowerment, Neuroleadership, Neurolearning or Neurowellness. Stand out in the market with the latest discoveries and the most efficient tools.

***Includes multimedia material and editable presentations.


Get certified in neuroscience applied to coaching and personal and professional development.

Program Nº1 of excellence, with scientific endorsement and international recognition. Learn from great scientists, design your courses, integrate the most outstanding neuroscience discoveries into your life and your business.

***Includes multimedia material and editable presentations.

Neuroscience Certification

Neuroscience at the service of personal and professional development

Are you a committed professional?

…and you are always innovating to take your methodologies to the highest level of depth and justification ?


Are you aware of the intrusion?

…and that there is a lot of information on the internet that is not always is current, reliable or of quality ?


Is everything going too fast?

…and you wish you could save time while incorporating new and revolutionary content about our mental potential?

Nuestra academia de APPLIED NEUROSCIENCE supports professionals like you

We tell you how!

How can neuroscience help you in your personal and professional growth?

Scientific endorsement

You will be able to support your methodology on bases of neuroscientific rigor. All our content is prepared by experts in neurobiology and scientific pedagogy and is based on research from renowned scientists like Gerhard Roth or Eric Kandel and prestigious universities such as Harvard in the US or the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

Time saving

You will have access to a large number of teaching resources to streamline your preparations. Each training and certification program includes various media materials (videos, audiobooks, ebooks), as well as editable presentations (PPT) and fantastic tools easy to implement in your courses and individual sessions.

Continuous innovation

Neuroscience is a set of disciplines that are constantly changing. Our academy will bring you updating through courses,, providing you with the latest research in different areas of personal and professional development, so that you are always up to date and canstand out in your industry.

“Last century was the century of information, this is the century of neuroscience.”

Eric Kandel, Nobel laureate in science in 2000.

Scientific advice and endorsement

All our materials and content are produced by a German team of experts in applied neurobiology and are based on studies by renowned scientists such as Eric Kandel – Nobel Prize in the USA or the eminent Professor Gerhard Roth from Germany, as well as a large number of professors from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Cambrigde or the Institute Max Plank from Germany.

Eric Kandel

Neuroscientist, Nobel Prize in Medicine

US citizen and member of the US National Academy of Sciences. since 1974; in 1997 he was awarded the German order Pour le Mérite for Science and Art.

He is a professor at Columbia University in New York. Director of the Kavli Institute for Brain Research, researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and member of the Board of Trustees of the Austrian Institute of Science and Technology.

In 2000 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Scientific advisor of the Foundation of the Academy of Neuroscience and Education in Germany AFNB that gives support and endorsement to the contents and programs of ANE International.

Nieves Pérez

CEO and co-creator of ANE International.

Coach, speaker, trainer and tireless researcher in the field of personal development. Master in Cognitive Neurosciences (AON), Coaching (ICF) and Comprehensive Mind and Body Therapies (IMPULS) in Germany. Founder of the Method Health Con-Science in Germany. Specialized in the application of Mental Training and Neuroscience techniques to business and personal growth for more than 10 years.

Their authenticity, pedagogical capacity for presentation, rigor and closeness stand out.

Neurotutor and Mentor of the Training Programs of ANE Int.

Neuroscience Certification

….because only when you understand how your brain and mind works will you be able to change your life, increase your success and better understand others.” Nieves Pérez, CEO y CO-Creadora de ANE International

Neuroscience Certification


Workshops on topics of great applicability with material to incorporate into your life and your business.

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Specialize as an expert in an area: Complete certifications on Leadership, personal empowerment, wellness and learning.

See Neurospecializations


Program of excellence with international certification and endorsement. The latest discoveries and the most efficient tools for personal and professional growth.

See Master in Neuroscience – Neuro Master Training

“For a new Neuroparadigm!

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