Membership Premium -Agreement

Contract conditions


The services offered by ANE are exclusively subject to the terms of services, licence and contract conditions described below. No agreement that is different or contrary to these conditions will be possible.


ANE produces documentation, presentations and multimedia materials on topics related to neuroscience. The contents of our services can be used exclusively by our customers, both for their own professional training benefit and for the use and integration of these contents in the courses they offer to their customers (e.g.: seminars or continuing education courses).

It is strictly forbidden the transmission of the contents elaborated by ANE to persons or organizations that are not included in these clauses, especially to persons or organizations dedicated to the professional training and the education system. Otherwise, the current copyright law will be valid.

The provision of the following materials includes an internet area protected by a password, to which only our customers have access and from which all the materials produced for the aforementioned purposes can be downloaded:

– Documentation (Word format)

– Abstracts (Word format)

– Presentations (PowerPoint format)

– Multimedia (Formats: Flash, MP4 videos, MP3 audios)

– eBooks (Online Version)

The use of these materials is described in the rules of use that appear in the media library and must be respected and complied with.



ANE has a strict quality policy and is committed to offering the above-mentioned materials and services in good condition. However, ANE cannot guarantee that the documents, files, contents and services mentioned above are 100% free of errors and is not responsible for any damages that could be caused by them.

The validity of this guarantee is exempted in case of inappropriate use of the documents, presentations and/or other files. The natural deterioration of the materials is exempt from liability and guarantee.


The amount of the fee for the chosen programme will be transferred according to the payment method in the NSA contract.

Customer status is indefinite and begins with the date indicated on the membership application.

The contract implies a commitment of one year of tutoring via email with the representative of the country where the training is carried out.


The member’s data will be processed and stored exclusively for the development of the contract relationship. The transfer of these data to third parties will only take place if necessary within the parameters of the contract. All data will be treated in strict confidence and will not be accessible to third parties.


The place of legal compliance in Spain is the headquarters of ANE S.L. For all kinds of claims or lawsuits between the two parties involved in the contract will from now on be exclusively the headquarters of ANE S.L.
The current Spanish law shall apply.

Head office
ANE S.L- Academy of Neuroscience and Education
Plaza Gala Placídia 10-12
08006 Barcelona
CIF: B86549185

General Management: Nieves Pérez

If one or more of the conditions of the contract are not fully or partially legally valid, the remaining clauses will remain intact. The invalid parts shall be governed by the law whose content comes closest to the purpose of the clause referred to in the conditions.

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