Academy of Neuroscience and Education

Building a bridge between science, business and personal development.

Applied Neuroscience to coaching, consultancy and personal development. 


Our Mission: Creating a new neuroparadigm!

The mission of the ANE is to contribute to a new way to understand the world, bringing the most innovative Knowledge and Tools about our Brain, which helps people to improve their lives.

The more we will learn about ourselves, the more we be aware, healthy, successful and happy.




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International Representation

The Academy was founded in Cologne, Germany and was created with the aim to bring this science in to the business field. Once established and after the success achieved in Germany, the Academy decided to expand to other countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

Today the Academy is represented by two large companies: AFNB which covers the German-speaking part of the world and ANE International which is opening up markets in several English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian-speaking countries.




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