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Ongoing Education

Experience a new dimension in ongoing education. Neuroscientific concepts combined with modern media and innovative tools open up new pathways to success.


Every three months our Regional Meetings take place.

New neuroscientific topics. During our quarterly meetings, a new neuroscience topic is always presented, which has already been chosen beforehand by the academy members.

Immediate application at the end of the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the new neuroscientific topic is made available to you in our media library and it can be used from the following days on.

Exchange of experiences. Be enriched by the experience of other members in our meetings. Our motto is “Let’s all learn from everyone” and we make sure to bring home practical ideas with us.

Strategies for success. Another highlight of our regional meetings is our “success strategies”. In all the meetings we present, among other suggestions, interesting advice on how you, as a member of our academy, can successfully position yourself in the market.

Science Forum

Once a year we offer you our spectacular Highlight, an event you can’t miss.
Prestigious lecturers. This is the biggest event of the year where you have the chance to meet the most famous and renowned scientists of our time.
Emotion and entertainment. In addition to the best speakers, on this day we also offer an accompanying program with a wide variety of interesting and enjoyable visual effects.
Unforgettable moments. You will live unforgettable moments, full of science, emotion and entertainment.
Program for the evening. After a long day full of interesting presentations, surprising shows and emotionally charged moments, it’s time to have fun.
Take advantage of the evening to make new contacts and boost existing relationships.

Multimedia Support

Neuroscientific concepts combined with modern media and innovative tools open up new pathways to success.


Use of recognized ANE logo and inclusion in the ANE Member search directory for all our Members.

Knowledge of how the brain works will be of great importance for your personal and professional development.

If you want to become a Member let us know!

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