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Building a bridge between science, business & personal development

The progress made in the field of brain research over the past decade has outpaced that of most other scientific disciplines. Our top priority is making this knowledge useful for companies and organizations.

ANE International

ANE International and TS Holding works together in many countries, training top professionals coaches, trainers consultants making neuroscientific findings useful for other companies, organizations, universities and all the people who want to improve their lives and their success.

We work together with a highly skilled Team, we collaborate with Scientifics like the Nobel Prize Prof. Dr. Eric Kandel or the recognized Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth.

Our Team selects the latest and more relevant Knowledge of the science and creates concepts for trainers, coaches and another professionals in the branches of continuing education.

We invite you to enhance your concepts and approaches with well-founded scientific media, materials and innovative tools. Our academy offers to our members ongoing courses in the countries you will find below in the map.

Global expansion

In 2012 was founded ANE in Spain to make the services so successfully pioneered in Germany available to professionals in other countries. Additional companies and countries are coming years.

Professional experts

All of our services are developed in Germany in collaboration with professional experts. More than 20 experts team together to create a modern workflow system to collate the findings from their various areas of specialty.

Scientific sources

When researching neuroscientific findings, we place a high priority on recognized facts and results. We rely on sources like research institutes, universities, publications, scientific papers, textbooks, journals, lectures, symposia and reports.

Benefits of Neuroscience


Mental Performance


Brain Research


Achievement Potential


Technological Developments

Knowledge of how the brain works will be of great importance for your personal and professional development.

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